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SC Consulting Services, Inc. is a boutique recruitment firm specializing in investment wealth management and financial services firms.  We offer full-service recruitment and specialize in all hiring needs from CEO, Accountants, Analysts, Research, Client Services, Operations, Risk, Advisors, CFPs, Administrators and much more.  With our extensive candidate network and dynamic search approach, we will handle every step of the process including sourcing talent, screening candidates, scheduling interviews, conducting reference checks, negotiating the offer, background and credit checks.

Strategic Planning

Recruiting top talent is a critical component of any business’s strategic growth plan.  We are here to assist you and save you money.  We tailor each search to match any or all of your hiring needs.  Our goal is to be your reliable partner you can trust, someone who leans in, listens and ensures we deliver exactly what you need to thrive and grow. 

Delivering Value

We value our clients, candidates and colleagues.  We can not have one without the other, these relationships are important to our team.  We always strive to exceed the expectations of everyone we touch. Our team is committed to achieving excellence through honesty and personal integrity.

Our passion is in the power of connections

Who We Are

SC Consulting Services provides full service recruiting and consulting services to investment firms and various financial services industries in the U.S.  With over 25+ years in the industry, we bring experience and dedication to bridging clients and candidates to ensure the best outcomes for both.  We offer high-quality candidates to help you succeed in finding the perfect match.  Partner with us to enhance your team and drive your business. 

Meet Shari Cown

Shari Cown

Shari Cown

Founder & CEO

Shari’s career began in full cycle recruitment, HR and Employee Management Training for a Fortune 500 Company, where she quickly learned the importance of finding the right talent. Over two decades later, Shari remains an active entrepreneur, committed to her passion for connections. She finds passion in bridging that gap between client and candidate to find the perfect match for a successful future.


What We Do Best

Forming long term relationships

Building enduring business relationships requires consistent communication, mutual trust, and a shared commitment to mutual growth.

Building Connections

Fostering meaningful connections in business involves authentic communication, active listening, and a genuine interest in needs of others.

Delivering successful results

Successful results from a dedicated focus on strategic execution, and exceeding customer expectations to consistently deliver impactful results.

Kind, Considerate and Committed

Sustaining business success requires unwavering commitment to goals, adaptability in the face of challenges, and a persistent dedication to continuous improvement.

Strong Integrity

Strong integrity in business is paramount, involving transparent and ethical practices, which not only builds trust with stakeholders but also forms the foundation for sustainable success.

Top Notch Service

Delivering top-notch service in business requires a relentless commitment to exceeding customer expectations through personalized, efficient, and exceptional experiences.

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